Monday, July 13, 2009

Some old stuff

that I did and have not put on here! I really need to make this a regular thing. The first is just a picture of me and my "baby" brother on a scavenger hunt. FUN!
The next one is the food we had a Ben's grad party.
The 3 following that are just baseball pictures. What a little cutie!


Denice aka Dedelicious said... go from scavenger hunts, to food, to baseball....all in one post! Everything looks delish, I bet it was!

I'm on my own scavenger hunt looking for the best pulled pork if you served it at the grad party, send the recipe my way!

Pam said...

Talk about a feast! Not only was it a feast for the eyes with everything to look at, but the spread for your son's graduation looks delicious!! Great work!!!

Michele said...

Holy cow you had quite the spread there! How much did you gain?! lol I think I would have gained 10 pounds just in one night!!! YUMMY!

The pages are very cute, aren't you just a proud mamma?! :-)